Welcome to the LapDogs Cycling Club...

The LapDogs Cycling Club is all about riding with “like-minded” people. Volunteer run and organized, our club rides focus on riding together, having fun and connecting with new people who share our passion for cycling. LapDogs can be found riding after work in the Don Valley, leaving Gears Bike Shop for Wednesday night road rides, playing in the woods on weekend social rides at some of our favourite destinations outside of Toronto and participating in many of the local Racing Events including Mountain Biking, Road Racing, Cyclocross and Track. 

Regardless of your ability, ambition or age, or identity, you’ll find a social, fun-loving pack that suits your style with the LapDogs Cycling Club. 

Now celebrating our 14th Year of organized riding, we continue to grow and focus on organizing social group rides, teaching members off and on-road skills, getting involved with various cycling advocacy groups and encouraging participation in local and grassroots racing.

Our ride schedules include, Road, MTB, Cyclocross, Gravel and Track.  

Locations: Weekly and weekend road rides mostly start near High Park in Toronto’s West End, and also out of our east end location at the Gear’s bike shop in the Canary District.

The current 2019 Ride Schedule looked a little something like this (full ride details are emailed to members on a weekly basis):

  • Tuesday Morning Road Ride (beginner / intermediate / advanced)

  • Tuesday Evening MTB Ride (bi-weekly) (levels depend on who shows up)

  • Wednesday Evening Road Ride (intermediate / advanced)

  • Thursday Evening Road Ride (intermediate)

  • Thursday Evening MTB Ride (bi-weekly) (level depends on who shows up)

  • Friday Morning Hill work-out Road Ride (all levels)

  • Saturday Morning Road Ride (advanced)

  • Saturday Morning MTB Ride (1 or 2 per month) (intermediate / advanced)

  • Sunday Morning Road Ride (entry level / social / Intermediate)

  • Various Cyclocross Skills Sessions

  • Scheduled Track time in the Fall and Winter