Turkey ‘Cross

Rockton ON

Young Benen on his way to a podium finish. (photo from Rob MacEwen)

Young Benen on his way to a podium finish. (photo from Rob MacEwen)

Another fall weekend and another great ‘cross race was on the agenda for your Duke’s Cycle Cannondale LapDogs. Once again, the squad had a very impressive presence at the race with a large and enthusiastic group. 

The Team had a hugely successful day on the course with six podium spots collected (three from our First Family of ‘Cross..., the MacEwens) and an impressive collection of results by all. 

  • Benen MacEwen, 3rd Place, PeeWee Boys,
  • Finlay MacEwen, 1st Place, Minime Boys
  • James Griffin, 3rd Place, Minime Boys
  • Giordano Piccolotto, 16th Place, Elite 4 Men
  • Marcus Boyle, 1st Place, Master 3 Men
  • David Michael Lamb, 6th Place, Master 3 Men
  • Steve Hart, 10th Place, Master 3 Men
  • Sean Ganann, 11th Place, Master 3 Men
  • Oggie Sokolovic, 13th Place, Master 3 Men
  • Tim Griffin, 18th Place, Master 3 Men
  • Rob MacEwen, 22nd Place, Master 3 Men
  • Jean Michaud, 27th Place, Master 3 Men
  • Kathleen MacEwen, 2nd Place, Master Women
  • Sean Poulter, 6th Place, Elite 3 Men
  • Markus Schroeter, 14th Place, Master 2 Men
  • Alan Reain, 15th Place, Master 2 Men
  • Mark Brusso, 2nd Place, Master 1 Men