We Need More Cowbell, Cyclocross O'Cup #2

St. Catherines, ON

The 'Cross Squad at "We Need More Cowbell." 

The 'Cross Squad at "We Need More Cowbell." 

A Fall Classic, the “We Need More Cowbell” race is a favourite for Southern Ontario’s ‘cross community. Featuring a relatively flat course, this race is all about sustained power and speed. 

Your Duke’s Cycle Cannondale LapDogs once again had a full squad out flying the colours and together they put in a fantastic collection of results and several "near-misses" on podium positions. 

  • Finlay MacEwen, 4th, PeeWee Boys
  • Sean Poulter, 4th, Elite 4 Men
  • Stephen Cooley, 10th, Elite 4 Men
  • Marcus Boyle, 4th, Master 3 Men
  • David Michael Lamb, 7th, Master 3 Men
  • Steve Hart, 18th, Master 3 Men
  • Oggie Sokolovic, 20th, Master 3 Men
  • Rob MacEwen, 23rd, Master 3 Men
  • Mike Chalovich, 28th, Master 3 Men
  • Kathleen MacEwen, 5th, Master Women
  • Lorne Anderson, 12th, Master 2 Men
  • Alan Reain, 14th, Master 2 Men
  • Markus Schroeter, 25th, Master 2 Men