Tour de Waterloo Road Race

St Jacobs, ON

The calm before the storm... 

The calm before the storm... 

In just a few short years, The Tour de Waterloo has become a classic and favourite race for many. Unlike a typical O’Cup race with distinct categories of racer, the TdW allows riders from all classifications race together in one of three different lengths. Club level riders can test themselves against elite racers, including ex-pros such as Steve Bauer. 

Thanks to loads of encouragement from our very own Steve Hart, we had a huge field of participants that included many racers from the Duke’s Cycle Cannondale LapDogs Race Team rubbing shoulders with many members from our LapDogs Cycling Club… many whom were participating in their very first road race. 

For those who participated, it was a great experience and who nows… we may have convinced a few of our “rookies” that joining the formal race team is not as daunting as first thought. 

46km Race

  • Kate Morgan, 1st Place, Female

79km Race

  • Luke Lorenzini, 1th Place, Male 30-39, 
  • Timothy Bender, 66th Place, Male 40-49
  • Ola Mazowiec, 1st Place, Female 30-39
  • Jocelyn Stephen, 4th Place, Female 30-39
  • Sarah Fasullo, 8th Place, Female 30-39 
  • Brenda Zurbi, 12th Place, Female 40-49

133km Race

  • Nicholas Sidhu, 21st Place, Male 20-29
  • Russell Slater, 9th Place, Male 30-39
  • Chris Dunbar, 22nd Place, Male 30-39
  • Robbie Lejasisaks, 30th Place, Male 30-39
  • Jeff Perry, 39th Place, Male 30-39
  • Steve Hart, 20th Place, Male 40-49
  • Tim Griffin, 30th Place, Male 40-49
  • Adlen Bourafa, 43rd Place, Male 40-49
  • Michael Cranwell, 8th Place, Male 50-59
  • Jean Michaud, 6th Place, Male 60+

Team Results 

Based upon the first 5 racers of each Team/Club who crossed the finish line

  • LapDogs, 6th Place Overall