Niagara Duathlon

Niagara ON

We are very much enjoying the fact that several of our Duke's Cycle Cannondale LapDogs have been pushing the bounds of their athletic endeavours and have been delving into the world of Multi Sport.

We recently had Jocelyn Stephen participate in the Niagara Duathlon. In her own words... 

I made a game day decision to switch from the tri to the du today due to high posted levels in the water.  (I have a very busy next 4 weeks and did not want to risk getting sick).  Since running is my weakest segment, I really had no idea what to expect.  And, with the heat/humidity today, I tried to race smart and not worry as much about my placing.

My age group finish was 4th, and I came 9th overall for women.  

Run #1 - I took it easy and just tried to concentrate on keeping an even pace and turning over my feet.  I ran faster than I thought I would.

Transition #1 - the guy racked next to me had his bike facing the same way and really close to my bike, so my handlebars got caught.  My hands were so wet that I struggled a bit with the knobs on my shoes, but overall, not too bad.

Bike - they changed the course due to construction so there was no escarpment climb.  The route was really flat and fast for the first half.  After the turnaround, there was a head wind for pretty much the rest of the way.  I was happy that I passed a lot more people than passed me.  I concentrated on keeping a high cadence so was satisfied with my time but my heart rate was really high the entire ride

T#2 - Some guy tried to rack over my running gear and someone else stood blocking the aisle with his bike (what is wrong with these people?).  Then I had calf cramps as I slipped my feet in my shoes.  Just keep going

Run #2 - the heat was really incredible...almost unbearable as there didn't seem to be any airflow through the forest, or on one of the side streets.  The first 3.5km went well but then the calf cramps started again (pre-existing calf injury).  So, this is where I decided to be smart and walked a little after each water station.  I am not happy at all with my pace for this segment - lots of work to do on the run.  

Overall, I am I wasn't training for a du, it was hard to have an overall goal.  At least now I have a benchmark.  I finished and can still walk :)

My next event is Orillia on Aug 16th and then either Guelph or Lakeside (or both).