Tour de Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta, ON

A proud Sarah after her road race debut... and a bit of bling, picked up by Ayrton.

A proud Sarah after her road race debut... and a bit of bling, picked up by Ayrton.

Envisioned by Senior Cycling Olympian Ted Webb in 2005, the Tour de Terra Cotta began as a collaborative effort between the community and the Brampton Cycling Club. In 2008, the race became a 100% community-driven event and has grown to include close to 700 racers, attracting participants from across Canada, the United States and internationally.

The race takes place every summer on the long civic-holiday weekend (a long weekend for some, but not for all) and features a totally closed road circuit in and around the village of Terra Cotta. A highlight of the race is the Heritage Road climb, a little “bump” that certainly puts the hurt into the legs after several laps of the circuit. 

We’re very pleased to see that six of our Duke's Cycle Cannondale LapDogs got out to do their civic duty on this Holiday Monday and participated in the Tour de Terra Cotta Road Race.

Axel Froner - 10th Minime Time Trial and Road Race

It was a day of tens for Axel, finishing in 10th place in both the time trial and the race. This result put him 10th place overall for the season. Great year. Next season will be even better. 

Sara Pa‎rgari Cohan - 4th women's 30-39 -  26 km Beginner road race 

Sara was competing in her first ever road race. She described her race as "a very positive experience for me and highly motivating". She is (pictured below) showing a "look of proud surprise" on learning of her result.

This isn't a one off for Sara. Expect to see her back on the road race circuit sometime next year or sooner.

Tim Bender - DNF - 52 km Intermediate Road Race

Tim described his Civic Day race as "one of the worst days on a bike in recent memory". The combination of Tim's kids, only allowing him four hours sleep, the heat and Heritage Hill took their toll. No need to despair, Tim will return stronger this fall @ the Milton Velodrome. ‎Hopefully his kids will play ball. 

Steve Hart - 26th Men 40-49 (56th overall) - 78 km ‎ - Open Road Race

Steve spent far too much time taking wind on the 3rd lap causing him to dropped like a brick on the fourth lap of nine. Plans to do more crits in the future, to work on being more aggressive when it comes to fighting for position. Steve did manage to stay on the lead lap, and picked up more than a few minor places. near the end. So all was not lost.

Ayrton Dick - 1st Men 20-29 (20th overall) 78 km - Open Road Race

First year racer, Ayrton Dick took first place in his category, which isn't all that impressive, since he was the only competitor. What is impressive, was his 20th place overall in very tough field of 90 plus riders. Ayrton rode, what is becoming his signature race strategy, of racing a clean quiet race then mixing it up at end. It appears to be working for him. 

Ian Ptolemy - 14th Men 50-59 (40th overall) - 78 km - Open Road Race

Ian rode like the steady ‎veteran he is. Managed to hang with the main group to the end, but struggled on the last lap with some brief cramping and nearly dropped off the back. On the last stretch, a kind, B1 Evo rider took pity on him and gave him a push, allowing Ian finish with main group.

Thanks to Steve Hart for collecting the content for this report.