Paul's Dirty Enduro

Ganaraska Forest Centre, ON

Alex, Barry and Bevin, prior to Paul's Dirty Enduro. Andrea models some fashionable socks. 

Alex, Barry and Bevin, prior to Paul's Dirty Enduro. Andrea models some fashionable socks. 

Paul’s Dirty Enduro is a unique event founded as a mountain bike festival celebrating life, and a way of discussing suicide awareness and its prevention.  Exceptionally well organized and supported year after year by volunteers and riders alike this year’s 20th anniversary edition was an amazing day.  It’s a full spectrum event with kids races, 15K, 30K, 60K and 100K options for racing.  The pink directional arrows keeping riders on the right track have become an icon for the event and adorn most of the swag -- including sweet long wool socks!
Storms threatened leading up to race day which weighed heavy on riders minds after the very wet conditions in 2012 took a heavy toll in DNFs.  However, a little rain is good in the sandy Ganny (GFC - Ganaraska Forest Centre) and heavy rain held off until 4PM so conditions on the day were excellent!  The 100K loop starts with 40K of trails that are normally reserved for motocross bikes -- bring your dynamic bike handling skills and heads up in high speed sweepers for big fun.  Looping back through the GFC the 100K riders head back out on the 60K course which was filled with more singletrack this year than ever before.  The Lapdogs were very well represented at this event both as riders, fundraisers and shelter for the final feedzone crew under one of our orange tents!

We are very pleased to see that members of the LapDogs Cycling Club raised a huge amount of money in preparation for this race and were amongst 3 of the top 4 fundraisers at this event. 

  • Barry Cox - $3,509.00             
  • Claire Humphrey - $1,570.00             
  • Alex Bowling - $1,555.00

Race Results:

  • Alex Sanchez 4th 100K 40+M (8th overall)
  • Alex Bowling 11th 100K 40+M (18th overall)
  • Bevin Reith 14th 100K 40+M (23rd overall)
  • Barry Cox 18th 100K 40+M (28th overall)
  • Andrea Bowker 3rd 60K 40+W (30th overall)
  • Chris MacFarlane 39th 30K 40+M (84th overall)