Paris to Ancaster, Spring Classic

Paris Ontario

The Boys... settling in prior to Race Start (Photo: Peter Kraiker)

The Boys... settling in prior to Race Start (Photo: Peter Kraiker)

In what was planned by our LDCC Directors as the 2016 LapDogs Race Team and Cycling Club’s Debut Event, this year’s Paris to Ancaster Race featured what is likely the biggest presence we’ve ever assembled at a racing event. With 40 Team and Club members participating in the 70k, 40k and 20k events, its safe to say we had LapDogs everywhere on Sunday. The day was also terrific celebration of the LDCC’s new relationship with Gears Bike Shop, who provided one of their vehicles for the squad to help with racers transportation. 

A hugely popular event in Southern Ontario, The Paris to Ancaster has taken place for the past twenty three years over the roughest farm lanes, trails and gravel roads we can find. Combined with unpredictable spring weather and the largest field of riders assembled in Canada, it has become a classic race experience for everyone from average riders to Canadian Olympians and International Pros. 

Oggie navigates the mud shoot. (Photo: unknown)

Oggie navigates the mud shoot. (Photo: unknown)

This year’s race was hugely popular with well over 2000 participants taking advances of beautiful spring conditions.

Special thanks to all of our 2016 Sponsors: 

  • Gears Bike Shop
  • Cannondale Bikes
  • Georgetown WV
  • Mill Street Brewery
  • Cherry Bomb Coffee
  • Monvida Fitness Studio
  • Sugoi Performance Appearal

Additional special thanks are also due to MTB Director, Dan Bandurka, who drove the Gears vehicle and provided transportation and support services for our racers. 

Working hard through one of several farmer's field sections. (Photo: Peter Kraiker)

Working hard through one of several farmer's field sections. (Photo: Peter Kraiker)

70k Reace

This years event features 1491 participants in the 70k Race. We had a huge collection of LapDogs doing this race and they all pulled in an impressive collection of results and personal bests.

Male 11-15

  • Finally MacEwen, 2nd Place

Male 30-39

  • Gus Ryan, 82nd Place
  • Sean Poulter, 96th Place

Male 40-49

  • Alex Sanchez, 36th Place
  • Marcus Schroeter, 45th Place
  • Yves Bonnardeaux, 51st Place
  • Colin Matthews, 59th Place
  • Bevin Reith, 106th Place
  • Mark Thurston, 118th Place
  • Adlen Bourafa, 139th Place
  • Barry Cox, 142nd Place
  • Rob MacEwen, 207th Place

Male 50-59

  • Marcus Boyle, 7th Place
  • Steve Hart, 13th Place
  • Oggie Sokolovic, 16th Place
  • Ian Ptolemy, 30th Place
  • Jouko Haapanen, 51st Place
  • Andrew Chan, 112th Place
  • James Irwin, 156th Place
  • Albert Wong, 312th Place

Male 60-69

  • Jean Michaud, 25th Place

Female 30-39

  • Lise Munsie, 16th Place

Female 40-49

  • Andrea Bowker, 7th Place
  • Lenka Branichova, 8th Place
  • Robin Kay, 12th Place
  • Darcie Watson, 23rd Place
  • Naomi Kriss, 29th Place
  • Wanda Prochazka, 30th Place
  • Sarah Fasullo, 59th Place

Male Single Speed

  • Thomas Hughes, 6th Place

40k Race

The 40k race featured 688 Participants. A "small" field when compared to the 70k, but still a hugely popular event. We were very pleased to see Kathleen and her young son Benen pulling in a couple of very impressive results. 

Male 11-15

  • Benen MacEwen, 21st Place

Female 40-49

  • Kathleen MacEwen, 10th Place


20k Race

This event distance was new for the P2A organizers and was treated as an opportunity for participants to "get their feet wet" and to gain some race experience. The 20km event is self timed so there are no posted results.

  • Brenda Zurbi
  • Tim Griffin and his son James and father James, did this event together in a celebration of three generations of cycling.