Track Provincial Championships

Report Written By Rob MacEwen, LDCC Track Director

Our LDCC Pursuit Team, Ian, Tim, Bevin and Chris.

Our LDCC Pursuit Team, Ian, Tim, Bevin and Chris.

As the track season starts to wind down I just want to congratulate everyone who participated. This past weekend was Track Provincials and I think we've made some great progress with more coming next year.  

This year I said that many of you were ready to race and I think I've been proven right.

Antonia - I had tears in my eyes as she came over top of the Canadian National Champ in a match sprint.  Antonia crushed it this weekend and is poised to be a dominant rider on the track. A couple silver medals should make all you LapDogs proud.

Tim - You should have seen the look on Tim's face as he sat on top of the leaderboard, heat after heat for the Master C/D 500m time trial.  Tim went out of the gate like a rocket and was less than 1 second out of 2nd place. You never know you're a sprinter unless you try something like this.

Robin - He's an old hand on the track. He's got loads of great advice. Truly a credit to this club. This weekend I saw a spark in his eye during his flying 200 and team pursuit that was really inspiring. 
Bevin, Tim, Chris, Ian - These guys did our club proud during the team pursuit. They dropped 11 seconds off the time set last year and rode a really good race.  Their time was quite competitive. A few track regulars commented to me just how good they looked on the track and commented about how the LapDogs look much stronger this year.  Wait till they see us next year. 

Kathleen - Did a team pursuit this year and actually said she had so much fun she'll do more events next year.  The bronze medal might have helped.  Next year we'll have an LDCC team that's even faster.

I also hit my goals and left it all out there.

Also Kudos to others like Jeff L and Dean who can be found regularly on the track. They're good folks to get some inspiration. 

There's still a couple NCIM nights left if you are race certified, including one this weekend.  A great chance to get some experience before diving in next year. 

It might surprise you but the LDCC has the most potential of any club in Ontario when it comes to the track.  I feel we could put up 3 competitive team pursuit teams.  I think we can win the womens team sprint. We can be the most fun, and most surprising club out there.

Dan B, Cranwell, Lise, Cassandra, Adlen, Marcus, Jon, Jason, I could go on and on. There's lots of fast folks who I know would excel on the track.

Track racing will make you a better mountain biker, better roadie, and better CX rider.  It's also super social and super fun, so I look forward to seeing you out there next year.  

Our Last LDCC track session is coming up on March 11 at 7PM.  I will be structuring it to be as hard as I can make 1.5 hours be.  It'll look something like the following.

  • Warmup
  • Take a Lap - Belgian Sprints
  • Intervals - 2-3 minutes with 2-3 min recovery
  • Paceline at "Threshold" 
  • Madison Demo if there's time
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