Welcome to our Race Team Program....

The LapDogs Race Team is entering its 14th season in 2017 with a robust roster across a growing list of disciplines.

The LapDogs Race Program built its foundation on the camaraderie of team members, participation in regional Ontario events and positive representation of our sponsors. Each subsequent year since inception, we have gained valuable experience and knowledge about how to develop a Race Program that is not only fruitful, but is fair, balanced and rewarding to all who participate.

For 2016, the LapDogs have made the following changes to the Race Program’s structure.  First, we have continued the expansion of disciplines from the core road, cyclocross and MTB with the addition of multisport and track.  Second, we have consolidated the racer commitment levels and introduced rewards for long-term involvement.  Finally, we have added flexibility for cross-disciplinary participation.

Consistent with the foundations of the Race Team, the objectives of these changes are to foster team mentality and to provide substantial visibility relevant to our sponsors.  This revised framework encourages cross-disciplinary growth, focuses support for local events, and reinforces racer-directed national and international competition.  Together, these changes support the long-term health of the Race Program.


Want to Race?

We are always looking to have new racers Join the Pack. If you are interested in getting involved with racing, please contact the appropriate Race Team Director:

Race Team Directors: