Having fun on a bike is the goal.

Having fun on a bike is the goal.


Lapdogs Youth Mountain Bike Skills Sessions


The LapDogs will run an introductory mountain biking and grass track skills sessions on Thursdays over the spring and early summer. The goal of these sessions is to provide kids the opportunity to have FUN on a bike and develop their bike handling skills.  We'll use the south Etobicoke Creek area to ride, explore, conduct drills and to build confidence. Riders will be expected to challenge themselves and keep active for the 1-1.5 hour session.   

These sessions are targeted at kids aged 8-14.  (Contact us if you have younger or older kids)

Each Session will consist of a warm-up, skills development, an exploratory ride on local trails, and some fun.  

Instruction and guidance will be by Rob MacEwen, and Kathleen MacEwen. Other LapDogs Team members may also be available to assist. 

Dates and Times

Weather and Light Permitting, we will ride on Thursday evenings for 10 weeks starting in the spring. The club does hold other weekend rides and we'll arrange other youth accessible rides over the spring and summer.

Starts Thursday - May 10th 6PM Sharp

Ends Thursday - July 19th

Emails confirming times and the meeting location will be sent out directly.  We'll also be on weather watch and any cancellations will be via email.


There is no cost for these sessions.  These sessions are free just like other club rides.  The only cost involved is the LapDogs and OCA registration with works out to roughly $90.  A bit less if doing a family registration, a bit more if you're buying a race license from the OCA.


  • Be a member of the Lapdogs Cycling Club, or 
  • Hold an OCA Membership/License (A citizen permit has no minimum age)
  • Be capable of riding your bike over rough terrain for the course of the session
  • Wear a Helmet
  • Ride a safe and well fitting bike suitable for riding on dirt and rocky trails. 
  • Wear shorts you're comfortable riding in.
  • Gloves are recommended
  • Wear close fitting clothing appropriate for the weather. 
  • Close toed shoes, preferably cycling shoes.  
  • Flat pedals are ok
  • Bring a Water bottle
  • Bring any medication, Epi Pens etc as one would bring to school
  • Bring a spare tube for your wheel/tire size
  • Bring a great attitude!
 Some Lapdogs Kids, Ready to Race 

Some Lapdogs Kids, Ready to Race 

How to sign up

Click on the Link here and:

  • Sign Up the youth for the LapDogs.
    • Individual or as part of a family membership on CCN website
  • Associate with the OCA (still on CCN website) (Ontario Cycling Association)
    • Citizen Permit - A local race/ride license. (Depends on the sport, click here to learn more) 
    • or a UCI License - For all types and levels of racing locally and internationally. 

Once the attendee is a signed up as an Club and OCA member....

  • Register for this program - Fill in the form below registering the person for the session (some redundant information will be collected, sorry!)