The LapDogs Cycling club is a non-profit corporation. As such we've got By-laws that outline how the club is run. LDCC members vote on the board of directors at the AGM each year. We are run exclusively by volunteers.  Please see our current By-Laws here.

Privacy Policy

The LapDogs take your privacy very seriously given that over the course of registration for various activities we do collect personal information on our members.  Certain of this information must be shared with the OCA and certain sponsors during registration. Members may choose to conduct transactions and share information with third parties during optional events but the LDCC will not share member information with third parties without consent. 

Our privacy policy is in development and should be up soon.

The OCA Privacy Policy which affects club members is currently, here.

Concussion Management

We take head injuries seriously and will implement reasonable practices to ensure that they are addressed appropriately. The LapDogs will adhere to the OCA concussion management policy, see here.

The LapDogs have always advocated for diversity in our cycling community.  We welcome all people to experience the joy of cycling and aim to provide a supportive and caring environment for our members.  We do not tolerate exclusion, harassment, or unwelcome behaviours of any kind.   

Diversity and Inclusion


The LDCC has proposed a new Code of Conduct for it's members.  This document was accepted by the members at the recent AGM. To see the document. Click here.

Members are also subject to the OCA Code of Conduct.  The latest version of that should be here.

Code of Conduct

The LapDogs is required by the OCA to have a documented Conflict Resolution Policy.  This draft document was voted on and accepted at the last AGM with instructions to the executive to edit and modify to align with the specific needs of the club. To view the draft policy, click here

Conflict Resolution

Membership Policy

We’ve got a new Membership Policy that is a bit more specific than the Bylaws. To be approved by the LDCC Exec. Here. Discounts at Gears Bike Shop are available 30 days after approved membership.

Ride Guidelines

The club has a proposed ride guidelines document that summarizes information found elsewhere on the site. Proposed here.