Riverside Rumble CX

Belleville, ON

Chris Macfarlane... pushing the pedals hard in Bellville. 

Chris Macfarlane... pushing the pedals hard in Bellville. 

In the words of Chris Macfarlane...

"After lining up it was a go for my first CX race in 6 years. On this day I had only the simplest of goals; first finish this race with close to the same splits on every lap and second avoid being lapped by the leaders before 2 laps where completed. 

The race was in the north end of Riverside park and included the toboggan hill. Which would on the first lap prove to be at least in my mind the crux point to each lap. Sharp short steep hill run with the added joy of a barrier right at the bottom and one right at the top. Which got progressively harder each lap as the race progressed.

I managed to hold off getting lapped not two but 3 laps by the race leader.  By the end of the race I had accomplished both my goals and completed 6 laps in 63 minutes by the end. While it wasn't enough to get me on the podium it was a great race to get back into the swing of riding and racing in that style of race."