CX O'Cup #7 - Dam Cross

Woodstock, ON

In the words of Lap Dogs Race Team member, Oggie Sokolovic:

"Race course was setup in Pittock Conservation Area near Woodstock. It included a looooong beach sand pit, the longest I have ever run in the sand for reason other than to save my life. It also included an awesome fly-over, that was wet enough to punish any mistake promptly... It included natural log obstacles which was a nice touch for those with good bunny-hopping skills where we could save some significant seconds over the competition. Lots of nice corners, mandatory off-camber stuff, short asphalt section just in case one needs a sprint finish to duke it out, some gravel to spice it up entering some corners, a root or two, overhang tree branches and relentless hecklers. The rain was on and off but never too strong... Just enough to keep everyone honest with their skills... A great bunch of racers, as always on the CX circuit... LapDogs were well represented. Good job everyone."

Our Team's Results:

  • Oggie Sokolovic, 3rd Master 3 men
  • Rob MacEwen, 14th Master 3 men
  • Steve Hart,  20th Master 3 men
  • Finlay MacEwen, 4th Minime Boys
  • Benn MacEwen, 3rd, Peewee Boys
  • Sean Poulter, 7th, Elite 3 men
  • Marcus Boyle, 9th, Master 2 men
  • Alan Reain,  13th, Master 2 men
  • Markus Schroeter, 14th, Master 2 men
  • Kathleen MacEwen, 1st, Master  women
  • Mark Brusso, 3rd, Master 1 men
  • Thomas Hughes, 3rd, Singlespeed men