Firemen’s Park Cross, Cross O’Cup #5

St. Catherines, ON

What began as a local grass-roots race has in just 5 short years, become a regular spot on the Provincial Race Calendar. The Firemen’s Cross Race offers up a race courses that is fast and flowing, with several technical elements to keep things interesting. 

Once again, our Duke’s Cycle Cannondale LapDogs gathered an enthusiastic squad for this event and together pulled in an impressive collection of results.

  • Benen MacEwen, 6th Place, PeeWee Boys
  • Finlay MacEwen, 2nd Place, Minime Boys
  • Richard Bowers, 4th Place, Master 3 Men
  • David Michael Lamb, 5th Place, Master 3 Men
  • Oggie Sokolovic. 9th Place, Master 3 Men
  • Steve Hart, 15ht Place, Master 3 Men
  • Rob MacEwen, 21st Place, Master 3 Men
  • Kathleen MacEwen, 3rd Place, Master Women
  • Sean Poulter, 5th Place, Elite 3 Men
  • Marcus Schroeter, 18th Place, Master 2 Men