Putting the "Lap" Back into LapDogs

Milton Velodrome

The Duke's Cycle Cannondale LapDogs Track Racing Squad has been quite active recently at the Milton Cycling Academy participating in the Tuesday Night Races. Already we've seen some impressive early results from the squad. 

Tuesday September 22nd:

Group C Results

  • Sprints – Rob MacEwen 5th,  Dan Bandurka 6th
  • Elimination Race -  Rob MacEwen 3rd,  Dan Bandurka 4th
  • Scratch Race - Dan Bandurka 4th, Rob MacEwen 6th

Group B Results

  • Sprints – Chris Dunbar 7th
  • Elimination Race – Chris Dunbar 1st !!

Group A Results

  • Scratch Race – Rick Froner  13th
  • Elimination Race – Rick Froner 6th


Tuesday September 29th:

Group C Results

  • Win and Out - Dan Bandurka, 2nd
  • Sprints – Dan Bandurka, 2nd  – Tim Bender 2nd in his heat 
  • Elimination Race -  Rob MacEwen– 1st Dan Bandurka, 3rd
  • Scratch Race - Dan Bandurka, 1st - Rob MacEwen, 2nd  – Tim Bender 10th

Group A Results

  • Win and Out – Matt Deluca 6th

This racing has been heaps of fun and a great way to learn and gain experience for O-cups, Provincials and Nationals

Next up, the Canadian Championships this weekend!